Friday, 30 December 2016

This is the end of the year. Let’s go back to the essentials. 
Sharing a keen passion for the use of traditional materials and the preservation of this North Vancouver house, the creative partnership of Scott & Scott Architects has resulted in a beautifully minimalist aesthetic that exudes both character and solidity at the same time.

In embracing natural materials in the redesign of this woodlands based home, Scott & Scott have successfully enhanced the homes inherent character by stripping it back to the bare essentials. A natural lime based whitewash was applied to the walls while the cement floors were ground back and hand troweled in order to add character and a sense of time worn style.

Hand crafted in solid ash, the kitchen was designed to house open shelving in order to display the owners much loved collection of pottery. Using marble sourced from a quarry near the architects own alpine cabin home on Vancouver Island, the kitchen cabinetry bears the weight of the solid bench top and in built sink.

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