Wednesday, 26 October 2016

We love this stylish apartment near Copenhagen with untreated floorboards and white surfaces broken up with paintings, photos, candles, books and natural objects – from twigs and sheepskin rugs to antlers and skullS, They just sums up Danish style.

Hanne and Søren Berzant's beautiful turn-of-the-century apartment in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen, nicely sums up Nordic living: white walls, natural colours, wooden floors – and a smattering of Scandinavian design classics. The floorboards are untreated: once they look grubby, Danes just sand them down again.
The flat has grand proportions, but Hanne has resisted over-filling it. Instead, they buy a few carefully chosen pieces that will last a lifetime, and use accessories to give things a lift. So, white surfaces are dotted with paintings, photos, candles, books and objects made by the couple's three daughters.



  1. J'aime beaucoup les couleurs naturelles de cet appartement !
    Thanks :)

  2. Un endroit comme je les aime où je pourrais poser mes valises !

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