Monday, 8 February 2016

I know lots of you are dreaming of Barcelona or would love to come back soon ! :) This city has so much to offer ! ;) 
Today, I present you a new Boutique hotel on a budget we like in Barcelona ! 
Go back just a few years and nobody in their right mind would choose to stay in Poble Sec ! :)  
The hillside hood brims with trendy bars and restaurants and the proximity to the green of Montju├»c make it more atractive while visiting Barcelona. It also doesn’t hurt that Hotel Brummell is one of the best hotels deals in town.With just 20 rooms, a sleek minimalist design and a wonderful sun deck with a pool, there’s a boutique zen feel to this hotel.  Rooms are  affordable aand compact – all less than 25 square meters – but bright, well laid-out and all come with rainshowers ! 
Do you want to give it a try in the spring ?

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