Monday, 12 October 2015

Summer is over, but it doesnt have to stop us and get inspired by this amazing house !
Functionality, personality, simplicity and a fresh, feminine touch. This home is the tipical country house from Ibiza, with warm interiors and distinguished simplicity created by the interior designer Toni Espuch, owner of the fabulous interior design shop  AzulTierra. ( For those who come to visit Barcelona, this is a must go.  ).
Outside and inside, aesthetics follow the guidelines of what is expected in a typical farm house from Ibiza. 
Quality furniture, antiques and details provide an elegant and warm note, this  house demonstrate the deeper roots of traditional architecture of the island with its white walls, edges and lines. I love. 


  1. La maison du sud dans toute sa plendeur ! J'adore cette belle visite, merci !

  2. great post , the way of explaining points is amazing , and i found your blog also very cool. keep it up

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