Friday, 24 July 2015

Nothing is quite as calming and serene as an all-white sleeping space. Spa-like, airy, and ethereal, these rooms demand relaxation and comfort -- as all well-designed bedrooms should. Designing a compelling space with such a limited palette can be challenging, but by heeding the below advice, you'll be on your way to crafting your own heavenly retreat and sleeping in a cloud in no time.
#1: Incorporate a Variety of Textures

With such a restrained use of color, it's extremely important to use a variety of textures in these spaces. Tactile seagrass wallcoverings, furry pillows and blankets, rich wools, and soft linens all in shades of white and cream add dimension and visual interest which may otherwise have been created by a varied color story. Consider all of the available surfaces from ceiling to floor as opportunities to add additional layers of textural intrigue.

#2: Pay Attention to Furniture Forms
A lack of color means every element in your design should somehow stand out whether it be through its texture, form, or function. Select interesting furniture and lighting pieces with unusual details or lines to prevent boredom and make each component of your design sing. Sculptural chairs, nightstands, and lighting are the perfect places to start.

#3: Utilize a Variety of Shades
Further create dimension in your space by incorporating a variety of "white" or "neutral" tones to highlight the room's various components. An ivory throw on crisp white bedding, or a pale gray lacquered nightstand will still feel airy and light while adding depth and complexity to the look.

#4: Add Metallic Accents
Chrome, bronze, and brass components will add sparkle, shimmer, and glamour to your bedroom retreat. Incorporate these finishes through unique light fixtures, photo and art frames, and decorative accessories. Their reflective surfaces will distribute light and brighten the overall space.

#5: Accessorize with Care
Once your white elements are set, layer in decorative accessories like you would in any other space to add small dashes of color and life. Worn books, vases with flowers and branches, meaningful objects, and photos belong in any personal space -- limited color palette or not.

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  1. The bedroom looks so so lovely. I see you decorated the room very inviting way. The tips including Incorporate a Variety of Textures, Pay Attention to Furniture Forms, Utilize a Variety of Shades, Add Metallic Accents and the images like ceramic vase, ivory paint- oh whatever you mentioned in this post mad me amazed. I was a bit more eager to learn about the perfect Bedspreads ideas and design, but seriously you made my day.


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