Friday, 10 July 2015

Calvin Klein’s Miami home is on sale !  Sporting a $16 million tag, the 5,800 total sq. feet home is located in 4452 North Bay Road. Situated on wide bay and offering spectacular Miami views, the waterfront house was built in 1929.
The fashion designer's Miami Beach mansion has defintely the same clean lines and neutral palettes that he favors in his designs.
Every room in this home exudes an earthy, calming emotion. Certainly not like the exhuberant home of any other homes in Miami Beach. The house was designed by Axel Vervoordt who often works using the concept of Wabi. 
Developed in the twelfth century, Wabi advocates simplicity and humility; the rejection of anything that is superfluous. He is inspired by natural materials and time-worn objects.



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