Friday, 19 June 2015

For most people, they are abandoned buildings left as eyesores as they fall apart in shallow waters.
But for one man, they are an opportunity to create spectacular works of art, showing women emerging from the waves.
Hawaiian surfer Sean Yoro aka Hula combines his love of surfing and his artistic talent, creating hyperrealisticportraits of bathing women at different seaside locations.  
“Now entering the street art game. Better grab my surfboard, paints, and get as far away from the street as possible.” he explains. The result is impressive. Beautiful women, in a beautiful state. 
His work is inspired by street art and abandoned spaces that he uses as his hard-to-reach canvases. Carefully carrying cans of colored paint on the edge of his board, the New York-based artist applies his half submerged female portraits onto the wall.  Find more of his works over on his website.
Love, love it !!! Total Artist freedom ! ♡


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