The Apartment, A glamorous and stylish place in NYC

Thursday, 26 February 2015

We want to move here ! :) 
Located in SoHo’s Greene Street, The Apartment by The Line is the place to discover and purchase some of our favorite things in the intimate context of a home as well as to meet and learn more about the creators of quintessential things: their inspirations, ideas, processes, guiding traditions, and materials. 

The space, designed by Carl Sprague, is divided into several rooms, each filled with a careful curated selection of enviable objects to purchase. The highly edited collection of fashion pieces, beauty products, furniture and design objects all reflect Vanessa Traina and Morgan Wenderboln’s vision “to pare back, strip down, and refine.” They wanted to simplify the shopping experience and pull together a selection of lasting and cohesive products that do not follow trends.
We love the results ! What a wonderful idea to shop


We fully enjoy to receive thoughtful, intelligent, amusing comments and making new friends ! :)