Monday, 15 December 2014

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Designed as a collaboration between Norwegian studio Gartnerfuglen and Spanish architect Mariana de Delás, this realisation located on the island of Mallorca, was the dream of a young urbanite professional who had returned to live on this island. She was looking for a space that will give her grooming, contemplation and delicacy.

The project intended to regain back the time to oneself that modern times take from us.
This retreat is made by local timber frames and elevate this cocoon while giving a sense of privacy to the user with layers of white mosquitos nets. A water tank and horse station are connected and offer the benefits of grooming an animal and capturing a devoting a moment.
Beauty, simpleness and ritual are the keys to an healthy life.  We are touched by this thoughtful project in one of the most beautiful area of the balearic islands.
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