Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Are you dreaming of winter escapes?
You need to check the White Pod, a magical and eco-friendly camp of 15 cosy "igloos". Pioneering concept featuring architecturally fascinating high-tech tents, the “pods”, which are separately sitting on wooden platforms. 
Each chalet comes equipped with a king-sized bed, a wood burning fireplace, raised floor and lodge furnishings.
Surrounded by nature at 1,400 metres above sea-level, with magnificent and unobstructed views of Lake Geneva.
The camp philosophy is very much about saving the environment and getting away from it all. There are no noisy bars or busy streets nearby, nor are there crowds of speed-junky skiers; just the camp, its private slopes and nature (lots of it). It is utterly still and unbelievably beautiful. Inspired ?



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