Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sabine Weiss  was born in 1924 in Saint-Gingolph, Switzerland. She started taking photographs at a young age, with a little Bakelite camera she bought with her saving. She is a humanist photographer, fascinated by the individual whose emotions she seeks to capture. She has produced portraits of the great names in music, literature, art, etc.

Sabine Weiss likes to photograph people going about their daily lives. She tries to capture their emotions in her photographs: “I take photographs to hold on to the ephemeral, capture chance, keep an image of something that will disappear: gestures, attitudes, objects that are reminders of our brief lives. The camera picks them up and freezes them at the very moment that they disappear”. “I love this constant dialogue between myself, my camera and my subject, which is what differentiates me from certain other photographers, who don’t seek this dialogue and prefer to distance themselves from their subject”.

Her work forms part of the current of what is known as “humanist” photography: “Light, gesture, expression, movement, silence, rest, rigour, relaxation... I’d like to incorporate everything into this moment so that the person’s essence is expressed with the minimum of means.”
PARIS EXPO: Porte de Versailles, Salon de la photo, 3-17 of november 2014

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