Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My husband and I have been looking at exchanging our beloved and beautiful modernist 200m2 home (Yes, lucky us!;) ) in the middle of the fascinating district of Eixample in Barcelona with other home´s owners. We love the spirit of exchanging goods and services and it makes total sense at our eyes.
Unfortunately,  we quickly realised  that we did not manage to find the same style of apartment or lifestyle on all of those exchange homes places...
Don´t get us wrong or being too needy, they are some nice places, but we felt that we were not getting the same value in the exchange. :(  We thought that there was nice market in this !!
So, what a nice surprise, when we came across the new platform Behomm that offers just that ! :)

Apparently, it all started when a couple of years, Eva Calduch and Agustí Juste, a couple of graphic designers from Barcelona, also  passionate about home exchange, realised (like us!) they were losing time looking for homes they liked on other sites decided to create its own: only designers and visual artists, lovers of beauty and quite a few things in common. What a great idea !!!  :)

Designers, architects, photographers, video artists, sculptors, interior ...  This is The list of professions that can access Behomm.
With 1000 homes and 50 countries, and taking into account that only by invitation of another member, this new platform is a success !
Majority members are between 30 and 60 years with similar cultural interests (exhibitions, concerts, discover special places ...) houses with different aesthetic and sizes.
They come in 30 or 50 square meters and lofts or Spectacular properties in places like, Thailand, NYC, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, London...
one of their home´s owners, said : "It was more than an exchange of homes, it was ideas, design, stories and lives. It was an experience that will open their eyes, easy and inspiring. I repeat without hesitation. " Long life to Behomm ! We have asked to join this amazing community! Maybe see you around ! ;)


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