Thursday, 30 October 2014

I came across this blog this summer and what a pleasant surprise, I absolutely adore it and I could spend hours looking at those amazing pictures.
Also, it helps, that my mother does live just in the Medoc where this family moved a few years ago. Those pictures really show the beauty and richness of this amazing area. Vive la France ! :)

For years, Mimi and Oddur Thorisson, a couple who were then in their mid-30s and living in Paris with three children and four terriers, fantasized about leaving the urban life of cramped apartments and crowded streets behind. “We’d vacation in a beautiful old stone house in the Tuscan countryside, go shopping at a different market every day, and think to ourselves, ‘Why can’t we live this way every day, instead of just on vacation?’ ” says Oddur, a photographer and former creative director who is originally from Iceland.
Mimi’s blog posts read as if she’s retelling a fable, one filled with afternoon family moment in maze like fields of head-high sunflowers, visits to a grizzled old garlic farmer or vineyard, decadent family meals of foie gras and figs, oysters, magrets, cassoulet, tarte aux prunes and crêpes all accompanied by her husband Oddur’s saturated, poetic and beautiful photographs.

“Moving here has given me a sense of emancipation,” Oddur says. “I used to care more about material things. Now my luxuries come from the market or a farm. I think a lot of people lose sight of their dreams. Mimi and I have the same goal: to grow old together and to have all the people we love sitting around our table.”

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