Hotel Particulier Luxembourg - Paris

Friday, 18 July 2014

This family lived in London and, for the children to have a French education, wanted to return to Paris. They first got wind of a house with a garden, near the Luxembourg, and a young couple of architects and decorators, Line Fontana and David Fagard Workshop L + D, whom had already teamed with the notorious architect Jean Nouvel. 
Built in 1718, this was the refuge of the architect Lepas-Dubuisson, designer of several mansions of aristocratic Faubourg Saint-Germain. This home, over time, became a school at the end of the last century,now regaining its primary function: to be a family home. 
Everything was distorted, except fa├žades and stairway, fortunately classified: the house had been painted bright colors and seemed small and dark; continuity between parts no longer existed, and the garden was abandoned.  It took the talent of two architects to restructure this five floors house with a dependency added in the nineteenth century in the garden and bring it back to its 18th century splendour.  Fabuleux ! 


  1. wow! every detail it's perfect. Inside and outdoor spaces are great! thanks for sharing

  2. Love your content. It is really good! thansk for sharing!


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