Beautiful Malibu home of Patrick Dempsey

Monday, 10 March 2014

I came across the living room there, and I had to know to whom it belonged. This is the Malibu home of the most gorgeous brain doctor on TV....

Patrick Dempsey, that is, has it all. Handsome looks, great career, gorgeous family and a dream home.
Him and his family, live in one of the first residences Frank Gehry designed a home and studio known as the Tin House, originally built for the artist Ron Davis, part of the Space and Light school.

“I found it online,” Dempsey says. “I went in and said, ‘This is perfect,’ never thinking I’d be in a modern home.”It’s loftlike and bright behind corrugated metal and houses Dempsey’s growing collection of contemporary works by California installation artists like Robert Irwin, David McCracken, Valentine and the street artist Retna. The house has been updated with landscaping by Shrader Design and decor by Estee Stanley Interior Design.
I love how it feels so welcoming, family friendly, down to earth, arty, green and brown, organic, industrial yet stylish, and those beautiful gardens with the vintage airstream ( man's cave, gardener's house ?) .


  1. OMG!! Gorgeous house with private pool and garden. I like this house so much, very interactive interior decoration. I really like t0 spend my vacation on these types of houses. Thank for sharing.

  2. Oh, just wanted to get in touch with the concrete contractor near me and my utter surprise the title of the post snatched my prompt attention. I could not but hit on as I had a weakness to Malibu's stunning beauties. The house looks an inexpressible landmark of natural beauty with green trees, flowers and mountain views. The interior decoration was not less attractive. Happy to enjoy the welcome approach by the sweet familly.


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