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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I am truly lucky to travel to new places often, but there is something I really dont like, is to carry the huge and ugly guide book ( no name given!)!  Because let's face the truth, us (women), are always the ones, ending up carrying the damn thing in our handbags ! :)

Therefore, like you, I love small and compact guides. I came across the Analogue Guides  and I am totally crazy about them ! 
Unlike others ( where places pay for being advertised), Analogue Guides is a series of highly curated city guidebooks featuring high quality, unique, low key venues.  Each neighbourhood is complemented by sophisticated listings, including restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels and serendipitous finds! 
Their list of venues are selected on the criteria of great food, tasteful design, a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere and independent ownership.  Just the way we like to travel ! :) 
They have also added custom designed, user-friendly maps.   Dont we love when someone else has done done some leg work for us ! ; :) 

I just received the one from Paris and they could not be more spot on !  So far, they have published: New York, Barcelona, London, Paris, LA, Berlin. Copenhagen, Madrid and Amsterdam are coming out soon !
Pssss... I am off to Tokyo soon ! Can you please publish a new guide within the next 2 months ?? :) 

 Compact and efficient ! Only 10 euros, they are the best value on the market !  You can order online there ! 


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