A MAKER'S STORY in Barcelona

Saturday, 15 February 2014

On this blog, we love Makers and we love their story. 

Our new project Makers of Design will come soon and we are going to start to take you some places and make you discover their talents and the beautiful items they create. 

A good place to start is vibrant and sunny Barcelona where our project has started a few months ago...  :) Do you want to know more ? Get our newsletter here

Did you know that Barcelona is the fourth most creative city in the world, coming below only San Francisco, London and New York ?
This is the result of the survey of a hundred top professionals carried out by the Barcelona Design Centre
Those participating in the survey affirmed that creativity was one of the attributes that best defined the Barcelona brand and was one of the big attractions for establishing a business in the city.
This city has been a source of inspiration for many artists who initially come for a year and are then slowly drawn into it’s beauty and find themselves establishing their life and work there. 
Like designer and entrepreneur Carolina L. Iriarte that we found on Freundenvonfreunden and who makes beautiful leather handbags in her studio/showroom located on one of the most beautiful places of Barcelona, Plaza Real. We love the way the apartment’s exposed wood beams contrast with the vivid geometry of the yellow and black floor tiles!




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