211 Elisabeth Street by Roman & Williams

Thursday, 5 December 2013

What a fabulous old fashion condo,  
 211 Elizabeth Street in the Nolita is a spectacular building !  Itotally embraces the architectural of its historic New York neighborhood  and stands out with the use of traditional materials, handcrafted details and classic design.

The celebrated Designer Architects Roman & Williams have created 15 one and two bedroom bespoke homes on the corner of Elizabeth and Prince Streets.
Who's behind ? Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, are the designers behind the company which is named after their respective grandfathers.  The couple met in Hollywood working as production designers on such movie sets as Zoolander and Practical Magic.  Remember these movies ? :)
In 1999, tired to see their amazing sets torn down after production, they started their own firm and Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors was founded.  In 2002 they set up shop in New York in their amazing studio.
They have their created their own style. Their interiors  have this industrial loft, retro and very elegant feel. 
They are  light-filled with high-glossed black paint on the window casings, baseboards, moldings and doorways. 
Walls are light and the stark contrast is simple, elegant and dramatic like in a movie. 

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