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Sunday, 6 October 2013

I don´t talk much about myself on this blog, but I have been asked so many questions about this trip, that I thought I will share it with my readers too. :)
A few weeks ago, while visiting in laws in Vancouver, Hubby and I, rented an RV from Seattle and went to Burning Man with others friends! First time for me, and it has been on my bucket list for a while! Remember,There, I have talked about it.. 
People kept asking me how it was. No words can describe it accurately, but I will try to share a little with you: 
*Burning Man is not what we call a music festival. It is an utopia during 7 days,  an art event, a self reliant and money-free community with a gifting economy which will all happen in a unique scenery, the desert of Nevada. 
*A city with 68,000 people where art, music, performances, insane mutant vehicles and unexplainable out-of-the-blue magical moments are constantly fighting for your attention.
*They are no cars, only cyclists and pedestrians. The time markers are only the sunrise and sunset. 
*A place where artists are given infinite space to create with no limits to their expression.
*For one week every year, 68,000 people leave this world. No phone, no internet, no schedule. No obligation to sleep, no duties. Complete freedom. 
*Walking or riding across The Playa is almost better then going into any museum. This has always been a gathering where people bring their own imaginations to life, whatever the cost. At BM, it is truly  all about talent and imagination.
* Dancing at the sunrise at Robot Heart along the best house tunes with hundreds others remind you what good sound, good people and good scenery are the keys to a good party.

I really think Burning Man is not for everyone. Weather conditions are extremely harsh (temperatures get high and drop low, sandstorms, dust, lack of sleep..) Your body and brain gets pushed to the very limits and it is far from a relaxing vacation! Also, you will see things that you are not always comfortable with but see,feel others so beautiful that it will make it all worth while!!
Some people say that Burning Man trains us to survive the end of the world… That you will be changed forever.. It definitely pushes your limits, and take you out of our comfort zone which we all need regularly. And Yes, it is a truly unique and strong experience that makes you feel alive and stays with you. Checked! 
Have you been there too ? 

A few of y pictures below !

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  1. Thanks for the post ! I always wanted to go there !! Maybe one day ! ;)


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