My obsession for Peacok chairs

Saturday, 21 September 2013

It's the perfect accessory to sit on and enjoy the last days of summer... 
It is the only time that a film renames an object while it becomes fashion icon.  
They were so popular in the seventies and I always wanted one !
Let's present, the Peacock chair ( or Emmanuelle Chair for the Frenchies !) How can we forget the gorgeous and sexy Emmanuelle seating  fully naked and of course, our national Brigitte Bardot in many shots !!
This rattan chair, also known as peacock chair is actually an oriental origin in the nineteenth century and had a great introduction into Europe and the United States. 
Over the years the most beautiful models and actresses have continued sitting in this chair has become a symbol of eroticism. 
In decoration, I find that they bring an exotic and sexy touch. Do you own one ? Are you thinking of getting one ?

Pink ?

For kids?

Why not, in yellow ?

In an office ?

Cat Powers


and of course the notorious Emmanuelle...

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