Tuesday, 20 August 2013

On our summer visits: Lets visit this gorgeous holiday home in  Brazil Hidden on a quiet street close to the famous Quadrado in Trancoso, Brazil.  

I have been there and it was (10 years ago...) one of the most beautiful places on earth... I  have heard that it has been highly developed, prices went super high for restaurants and rentals and it somehow lost a bit of its magic..
But apparently,  it was this enchanting mix of white sand beaches, exotic flora and nostalgic village life that turned Jan Eleni Lemonedes and Ronnie Starn's short 2010 holiday trip into a love affair with the land and remodelled a holiday home. They have incorporated native Bahian wood along with crafts created by local artisans, mixing in pieces from their global travels for an eclectic feel. The results are subtles, exotic and the best representation modern ethnic chic can bring. Interested in renting this beautiful bohemian home ? Visit Casa Lola website. I still want to come back there one day...
 Any other place in Brazil that still magic ??

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