Symmetrical, warm and stylish home in Australia

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I am not so much into a lot of symmetrical but this house in Merriks, Australia is a good example of how stylish and homely, symmetrical shapes can be achieved within a home.
The initial brief for the house was for a simple rectangular box with symmetrical spaces.
The objective being for the creation of order and symmetry to simplify ones life.
The residence became a lively home, boasting dynamic, neat and stylish spaces. 
It was divided in three different areas (the parents zone, the central zone and the children zone). 
To complete the décor and create a unitary home environment strongly connected to the outdoors, the architects used natural materials such as wood, limestone and marble.
The result is very stylish and inspire tranquility; it looks bright, uncluttered and lively, yet appears like a true home, warm and welcoming like we like them.


  1. les intérieurs surtout, sont superbes!

  2. Hello,
    The above shown house is too good,well designed with well decoration and full of style.All the house accessories also too good.It will be the comfortable and perfect fir living purpose.I liked it.
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