Remodeling of a Victorian House in London

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Helping on a project for the remodeling of a victorian house in London, I realised that the organisation of the rooms and the light seem to be the main issues.
This house in East London is a good example of how to sort these issues out.
For instance, this house utility room, larder and WC are in the basement, and the living room and open-plan kitchen-diner on the ground floor.
On the first floor there's a library, two bedrooms and a bathroom, and the top floor has a master suite and a mezzanine dressing room.
In period houses with kitchen-diners at the back, the best way is to connect all rooms, like the dining area with the kitchen 
so that sunlight floods through the entire ground floor. 
The light wooden floors create a real fresh and modern look and these huge glass doors into the garden offers a feel of large spaces. Problems sorted ! :)
*I just adore these little niches added to the white walls to expose art and pictures !


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  2. Thanks for your lovely comments Dheeraj !! :)

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