Ikra Restaurant in BCN from La Petita Dimensió

Friday, 31 May 2013

Ikra is one of my favorite hangouts in Barcelona  I love the food from Chef  Gerard Barberan,  the staff, the atmosphere of the place and the fact that it's just 5mn away ! :)
Sunana Aristoy and Filena Di Tommaso from La Petita Dimensió have been responsible for transforming the place. Their challenge was to get an interior that suits any time of day, a space that serves as restaurant, bar, instead of drinks and live music. 
The formula for this space of 150 square meters to work all day passes by choosing furnishings, materials, some colors and lighting to suit any environment. They realised the furniture design using steel basically, grid deployé and varnished plywood boards. I love the industrial and fresh look of the place. 

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