Sand floors in the house

Thursday, 28 March 2013

I have always dreamed of a beach house where you could walk in the sand not only outside but also inside..
CasasNaAreia designed by Aires Mateus made it for real and offers a beautiful holiday retreat based on the transformation of old masonry buildings into new contemporary structures. 20mn drive from Lisbon, it offers 4 double bedrooms and make possible the experience of living almost in an extension of the natural environment with fine sand is laid out in the kitchen/dining area. 

 “It’s the tranquillity around Casas Na Areia, the scenery and peace. When people are there and walk on the sandy floors, they’re not able to walk as fast as on normal ground, so it winds them down.”  I am sure you get a good night sleep there !
Personally, I would not want to have these floors everyday in my home ( I will get tired to wash my feet every time I forget something in the dining room !) but it is a perfect idea for just few days getaway, isn´t ?

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