Stunning Palm Beach home of a stylish American beauty

Friday, 7 December 2012

Less is more. I am really taken by this gorgeous house from Kelly Klein, Photographer, author, muse, equestrian rider, mum, and ex-wife of Calvin Klein in Palm Beach, Florida and currently seen on AD.
The designer ? David Piscuskas, one of the eminences, with coprincipal Juergen Riehm, at the firm 1100 Architect

Piscuskas had already helped Klein with renovations of her Central Park West apartment. She wanted something “a little Neutra, a little Ando, a little Bauhaus-y"
It is very minimalist without being cold. I can see the influence of Calvin Klein's own style or was it the other way around ? ( that's what you get when you share 20 years of someone's life !).
This home is just stunning, clean, modern and elegant. Just like her. What a great muse for one of the top icon designers of this century and one of the most wonderful homes I have seen in a while. Less is definitely  more. Don´t you think ?

Remember her from the 90 ? 

Today ! More beautiful than ever ! Timeless! 

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  1. Gorgeous place ! Thanks ! Very airy and elegant at the same time !


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