Parisian Apartment by Florence Baudoux

Monday, 17 September 2012

I am so pleased that I have found pictures of this beautiful parisian apartment again ! :)  Like many,  I am a big fan of Hausmanian apartments ( of course ! I am Parisian ! ;) , and this one is one of the most beautiful apartments I had encountered. 
It belongs to the French designer and architect Florence Baudoux and once belonged to the French royal family. It was also the private residence of the Duke of Montpensier, the fifth son of King Louis Philippe. 
Florence Baudoux  restored the 350m2 Haussmannian apartment which underwent a thorough renovation in order to preserve its volumes and original character with the beautiful columns, moldings, stucco, while enhancing the feeling of a contemporary home. 
The different shades of gray and black created a perfect background to her collection of contemporary art. This choice of dark colors is directly related to work around the various lights, daylight, but especially artificial light. Plain superbe !

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