Luxury and serenity in Barcelona

Friday, 21 September 2012

A little bit of serenity before the weekend starts..
I am totally fascinated by this gorgeous interior. This spectacular apartment found in Barcelona was built in the early twentieth century and offers large spaces and high ceilings. From the floor of the building has remained elite and aristocratic spirit, now serving a new owner who has adapted to the surface lifestyle, seeking above all comfort and calm. The emptiness of the spaces shows a great sense of aesthetic and austerity that manages to take full advantage of the architectural and structural elements of the apartment.
Walls, flooring and ceilings are painted in white plastic. This color prevailing throughout the house, which stands well on light, made ​​a very serene and a perfect set for the art and, above all, antiques which are a key point in the decoration. 
The antiques come mostly from the family of the owner or have been acquired by him in Spain, Europe and the United States. Exposed to this pristine background, they  are a perfect combination with contemporary designer furnishings complete the furniture in a contrast. Just pure splendor. 

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