Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hi everyone ! 
I tried to keep it a bit private from my blogging on Mademoiselle (Humm.. Not quite... I gave a hint here...), but I have some great news ! :)
A little baby boy will join us in a couple of weeks !! Our first one ! :)
We can´t wait to see his little face and we know, we are in for the biggest adventure of our lives ! :)

Ever since I found out I was pregnant last February 2012, I found myself wanting to read everything I could about motherhood, pregnancy, childbirth, mums, kids, toys, kid's designs…
I have spent countless hours searching the web ! It was like opening Pandora's box !!  So many great stuff, websites and blogs out there !!  A new and amazing source of inspirations too ! :)
I have also been thinking about how my pregnancy will affect my interior design blogging.. 

Even I was totally aware that this experience will change me, our life, my work and my perception of the world and my surroundings forever, I did not want Le Blog Mademoiselle to become a kid's oriented blog and I wanted readers to be free to choose what they came for and browse my inspirations without reading my mum's stories.. ;)
(After all, I don´t know if you agree with me, but not all of us make the choice of becoming a mother and not everyone want to share the ups and downs of being a mum ! )

So, I have decided to launch a new blog: Mademoiselle & Kids  which will be about my inspirations for Mums & Kids. 

Please come to visit it here !  I can´t wait to hear from you ! :)

♥   xx Isabelle


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