Casa Orlandi - Prato - Mixing Contemporary with a 18th Century

Monday, 3 September 2012

I personally love modern furniture and old architecture ( my home in Barcelona is a 1904 modernist building mixed with modern/antique designs.. I am blessed ! ;)) and I can´t get enough of looking at beautiful places who achieved combining styles with the right balance.
In Casa Orlandi in Prato,the contemporary design items live as if within  without modifying the authenticity on the structure. Any piece can be removed, placed again, rethought without distorting the ancient abode that holds evidence of being lived in through the ages.
With great success and respecting this balance, Italian architect and founder of b-arch studio Sabrina Bignami has redone the Casa Orlandi Guesthouse, an 18th century palazzo (Italian for “palace”) in Prato, Italy (near Florence). The restoration was very difficult because all the frescoes were covered. The wall painting throughout had to be uncovered, often concealed by a coat of whitewash. 
 The 18th century palazzo is full of 1900s frescoes by painter Luigi Catani. Cantani was a painter during the Granducato di Toscana and worked in Tuscany in the 18th century, who was commissioned to paint in cathedrals in Italy as well as the restoration of the Grand Duke Ferdinand III. 
His work can also be seen in the Cathedral of Arezzo or the Palazzo Pitti.

Casa Orlandi is also a guesthouse with 3 bedrooms, where Sabrina Bignami has created a romantic getaway while maintaining Italian tradition. To be seen. Bellissima. 


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