Simplicity by Formentera - Part I

Monday, 27 August 2012

I kept on receiving pictures and wonderful news from thoughtful friends all summer... :) And the pictures that I loved most were the ones from gorgeous Formentera...
The first time I saw this gorgeous island, was in the fabulous movie "Lucia y el sexo " from Julio Medem in 2001 and I totally fell in love with it.  If you love this island, you own yourself to see this amazing movie !
Since then, I have been blessed to visit it many times, stayed in beautiful villas and appreciate the extreme beauty that it reveals all year long. 

Formentera is so different from Ibiza and the rest of the balearics. It is the smallest  and southernmost, as well as the hottest and driest, the island is famous for its peaceful, laid-back atmosphere and incredible stretches of white sand beach, often deserted.
The scenery is dramatic, an arid, windswept landscape, wild and wooded, with a varied, indented a 80km long coastline whice includes dunes, salt flats and innumerable sandy coves. 
The country roads lead to fincas (farmhouses) festooned with bougainvillea, stone-walled vineyards, and small pastures where sheep and gots shelter in the shade of contorted fig trees. Wherever you are, the sea air is heady with the scent of rosemary, wild thyme, juniper and pine.  

I am found of simple decoration and organic details. To me, Formentera's farmhouses shows the best mixture of styles with absolute simplicity at its best. 

It is a breath of fresh air and the perfect combination for a holiday house: floors polished concrete, drywall, details,  brought from different parts of the world ( India, Morocco, Asia..), straw items, wooden tables,  soft fabrics, cactus, bougainvillea .. 
 I have prepared a couple of post about the most beautiful fincas  that we can find there. 
Enjoy !  I hope that your head will stay on holidays after reading this post... :)

To be continued... 

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  1. I love this island !! The pictures are so beautiful and make me want to go back there ! Thanks for the post !:)


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