Georgian transformation: Dinder House, Sommerset

Thursday, 30 August 2012

This house is beautiful, welcoming and lots of fun, respecting its history without leaving it stuck in its period or a stately home.
Welcome to Dinder House, a historic Georgian building in Somerset, England, three stories high, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a slate roof. It sits on 23 acres of landscaped and walled gardens, in a valley with a Constable-worthy view of the church spire in the village after which it is named. Like many large old English houses, Dinder House was converted to commercial use in recent times, but in 2004 it was bought by Chris and Jo Mycock, the owners of a successful I.T. company. Chris and Jo, art collectors and keen cooks, wanted to give their boys lots of room to run around, and they wanted to grow their own food. But they didn’t want to change Dinder itself. The architects they consulted, were full of big ideas until the London designer Ilse Crawford.
Four years (and five architects) later, they finally moved in, once the soul of the building had been restored — as a family house, for a modern family.
At Crawford’s suggestion, they turned the ballroom into the kitchen and created a Lego room..
I am absolutely drawn into it.  This family home is unique, fun and dramatic in many ways, yet still feel welcoming and kids are free to ride their bikes on the wooden floor... Unique indeed !

Vogue Australia 2011 


  1. Ce décalage entre tradition et modernité me plaît beaucoup. Et il y a le fauteuil que j'adore, signé Rietvelt.
    Bonne soirée,

  2. Merci pour votre message ! Ravie que vous appréciez aussi ! Vive l´inattendu ! :)

  3. This property's decor is a prime example of how money can't buy class.


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