L'Wren Scott fabulous apartment in Rive Gauche Paris

Thursday, 3 May 2012

This is One of the most fabulous apartments I have seen in a while just got published in Vogu and of course, in my favorite city of the world. 
A gorgeous Left-Bank apartment is where the fashion designer L'Wren Scott and her partner, the rock-n-roll legend Mick Jagger, reside when the American designer wants to design and work close to her showroom and co-workers. A perfectionist in every aspect, L'Wren Scott admits that it took her nine months to choose the wall paint, "seeing what looked good on bright days, wintry days, in summer, at night” and had the flowing curtains dyed by the same silk manufacturers she uses to whip up (or rather drape and sculpt with fanatical care for the view from every angle) her signature taffeta evening dresses. 

My favorite part of all: Who would have guess that a rock star like Mick Jagger would have bought from an auction a breathtaking bathroom of Art Deco glass by Lalique, made in 1926 for a house in Paris ?
Jagger bought the ensemble in the seventies and packed it away in the country. “I found it when I was housecleaning. There were all these stage clothes, and then crates. I was like, What’s in here? Can I look?” The glass bathroom turned out to be a spectacular period piece, bought whole and perfect at auction. There were glass doors patterned with fountains of bubbles, floor and wall tiles, a mirrored bathtub and cabinets, and a plaque of tiles depicting leaping koi. Scott had the whole collection refitted, the exposed walls painted eau de nil, and the tub re-enameled to match.


  1. At first I thought it strange for someone to take 9 months to decide on a paint color. And I have a great deal of trouble at times with being indecisive, especially when there are infinite choices. But I must say, the wall colors are exquisite and simply perfect in my opinion, along with everything else in the apartment! I am not very creative and enjoy seeing the decor in other homes. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your comments ! Definitely one of my most favourite homes !


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