Hello Amsterdam

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I love this city. I promised I would bring some notes on good design places and pictures from our Easter trip in Amsterdam.. Here we go, here are some of the places that I preferred !


Cabinets, gym lockers, dining tables,  chairs, benches, fabrics, curtains, vases, cartels.. All are unpolished, weathered, used, recycled, made from natural materials or simply old. A mix of craftsman-ship, passion and own design results in a unique collection. 

Bright, funny wuircky, tacky objects.. A change from the good taste that you can find in Dutch design. I always find a little something to buy to sparkle my life ! 

Though some might say that you can’t buy good taste, Cok de Rooy has built a career out of doing just that. He refined his design sensibilities as a buyer for big brands like Liberty of London, and in 1992, he and his business partner, Dick Dankers, opened theFrozen Fountain in Amsterdam. Today the Dutch design shop is renowned for showcasing both homegrown and international talents, hosting twice-yearly exhibitions, and rotating original art and prototypes among its curated wares for purchase.

  • Toscanini Lindengracht 75  1015 KD Amsterdam
My favorite italian restaurant. The freshest ingredients you can get. A must go in Amsterdam !

  • Lion Noir  Reguliersdwarsstraat 28 1017 BM Amsterdam   
Trendy place, and ame owner as Jimmy Woo, my girlfriend Janine** was right to have chosen this restaurant, I love the design of the place ! Vintage, industrial and very stylish. The food was delicious too and a great bar downstairs to hang out. 


    1. What luck! I would love to visit this city! Your pictures make me even more want to go! Addresses and lovely!

    2. Goooo C├ęcile !!!! :) Aim for warmer months, May till October ! it get soo cold there !!


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