A gentleman apartment

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A single male engineer asked two architects ( Karin Leopold and Fran├žois Fauconnet)  to redesigned these 167m2. It is not indicated where this apartment is located, based on these fabulous Hausmann ceilings, I would guess for Paris.  I absolutely adore the results. When I think of a man's apartment, this is exactly what I see. Greys, brownish colors. Warm, sleek, intimate.
Open kitchen to entertain your guests on a huge walnut tree table from Riva  with the contemporan Eames chairs ( great design but not the most comfortable chairs to sit on for too long, I would have gone for more comfortable and cosy seatings). A perfect mix of vintage , scandinavian furniture with a few design pieces. A sleek and sexy bathroom in inca brown marble with hamman and bath.  Darker part to entertain, and the light part to relax in the living room and bedroom. 
The ultimate touch is to have the domotique technology or home automation system, to control electricity, lights, heaters and not see any cable or switches spoiling the beauty of the rooms. 
Technology and style at its best. 

Source: Marie Claire

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