Smile of the day: F... your Noguchi table website !

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fuck your Acapulco chair.

Fuck your Nelson Saucer pendant.

Fuck your garland.

These images are from Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table !!!  The anti-design website ! A great source of inspiration and good laughs !

Like Unhappy Hipsters before it,the new Tumblr, thinks we are trying way too hard with  interior decoration choices, which it finds pitifully cliché and artless... Are we really ?? ;)

I have to admit that I sometimes feel this way, especially when I look at "cute" and "sooo pretty" interiors with sooo many colors, that you should be warned to be wearing sunglasses and a box of painkillers before walking in ! ;) 

 I adore their page, and I got totally addicted ! And you ?  Enjoy! 

PS: I am a huge fan of the 3 items of the above pictures.... ;)

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