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Monday, 12 March 2012

..... es para siempre ! ( forever!)  I am currently working on a new project for an apartment in Barcelona and I wanted to share with you the beauty of the emptiness of a typical modernist apartment from the Eixample before any decoration takes place. 
I have already wrote about this beautiful area of Barcelona in this post a few weeks ago.
Don´t you love these high ceilings, large old windows, and hydraulic floors ? If you are not from Europe, I know you definitely do ! ;)
The drama and splendor of these rooms request hardly any furniture, don´t they ? 

Where do hydraulic floors come from ?
The hydraulic floor is the ground of the old houses and buildings of the Modernist period. The hydraulic floor drawings in colored cement, also known as the hydraulic mosaic. 
The hydraulic floor has its origin in the in the south of France in 1870, close to the first modern cement factory. (Portland Cement)
The manufacturing process is characterized by the use of metal moulds («trepas») for the application of the colors, which are then fixed to the base of cement through the use of hydraulic press.
The artists of the prosperous years 1880-1930 forged hydraulic mosaic art, from the palaces of St. Petersburg, entrances of buildings in Paris, the Barcelona of Gaudi to the chalets of Saigon.
Today, you can find them restaurants in London, boutique hotels in Berlin, mansions and villas in Dubai and Miami...  

Below are some of my own home in the Eixample. We love them soo much! They are from 1904! 
When I first moved  into my  apartment, they were recovered by some ugly 70/80ies ceramic. I told the workers to start breaking the ones in one of the bathroom and we discovered the most beautiful ones !!  Then, we started breaking all of the ceramic areas and every time, we discovered some more ! it was a wonderful surprise ! Unfortunately, the glue used to cover them, deteriorated their quality and we could ´t use too many strong products to refresh them or we will be make them use their color or destroy them even more. 
The results are still good enough and we left them as such. See the ones below ! Are they not so pretty ? Even altered ?

More examples from the Malaga fabricant Ceramic del Sur 


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