Mario Testino at home

Monday, 26 March 2012

 The LA home of photographer Mario Testino appeared in the March issue of Vogue, shot of course by him, and it is just Fabulous!   If you have not seen it, check it out ! 

 Beside photography, Mario Testino's passions are about collecting art and decorating houses in London, Paris. Knowing that, we don´t doubt that his home has been decorating by him ONLY with objects, art, and furniture collected all over the world during his career. “I have no real training in the history of fine art or furniture; my eye just works by proportions. I react intuitively.”  So true. He does it so well!
Originally from Peru, his home incorporates Incan influences, Spanish inspired furniture,  and a  touch of mid-century sleekness for the glam touch. 
Japan meets Peru, Peru meets America, America meets England, England meets Denmark, Denmark meets France, you know. Total integration of cultures. I guess it’s the future, no?”
To read more, check it out HERE.

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