A home named Cloudwalk in Connecticut

Thursday, 8 March 2012

We have seen a lot of  pictures of  the gorgeous NYC penthouse of Diane Von Furstenberg. 
But her connecticut family house named  Cloudwalk came back to my mind and I looked for some pictures to remind me why. ( They are old, please forgive the quality)
Cloudwalk has served as an idyllic country retreat for DVF and her family since she purchased it in 1974 with a part of her wrap-dress fortune.  The secluded property can be found only after accessing a long, windy country road.  Behind this  unassuming entrance lies flower gardens, a stream and a waterfall, a barn with chickens, and plans for an organic farm.
Then, I remembered the amazing library, the Master paintings, the antiques, this bohemian style that she maintained in this house, collecting objects, art from her numerous trips for almost 4o years. She says that each of her men left something behind. This house feels like a home.

Salvador Dali Chair
George Nakashima desk

Via  In Style

My favorite room from her NYC apartment:  Definitely, the bedroom ! I adore it !  A one thousand and one nights feel. An escape to dreams.

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