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Thursday, 15 March 2012

For Habitat's lovers and those who grew up with this glorious brand and furnished their first apartment with their stylish items like me: Great news ! Habitat became " French patrimoine and the branding is taking a new turn!
A bit of its history: Recently, Habitat has been sold by Hilco to Cafom SA, a French international home furnishings retailer.  The first Habitat store, was inaugurated on Fulham Road, in London in 1964, by sir Terence Conran offered elegant and contemporan design to accessible price. The famous brand meets quickly an international success.  First store is Paris was inaugurated as early as 1973 in Paris, and then many others followed everywhere in the world.
The modern mix of furniture and objects of Terence Conran, will become a great success which will not survive  the departure of its founder in 1991, when Habitat was bought by Ingvar Kamprad, equally owner of the monster Ikea (!).  Despite hours of media glory, notably under the artistic direction of the British designer Tom Dixon, of 1998 to 2008, the brand will not manage to reinvent itself and sales kept falling .  :( 

The products lacked originality and were considered overpriced. The management carried on making the wrong decision with their strategy before being sold to the French group Cafom who has now placed, Pierre Favresse (promising  & highly talented French designer, 32 years old,  who studied cabinet making at the prestigious Ecole Boulle before enrolling in the Ecole Nationale Sup√©rieure for Decorative Arts as their Artistic Director and now hope to bring the success of its beginning.   Can´t wait to see the new collection in 2013 ! 
Longue vie à Habitat!! ( Long life to Habitat!)


How will you breathe new life into this historic brand of interior design? 
(...)"We will find the right products and sell them at good prices. No elitist design. It\'s back to simple things at the service of the consumer. Habitat will become again a leader by offering quality, beautiful and useful creations at an affordable price. It is a return to the fundamentals of Terence Conran. We will just have to clean up and consolidate in order to rebuild. But also have a touch of humour that make people want to caress pieces. It might be a little teasing, a small nod by passing a message of a good sense of humour and hope. Industrial objects must tell a story. We are faced with an educated clientele and we can’t just say anything. It should be clear and precise. Our suggestion box is full of projects: launching a competition for young designers, the employment of young and promising artists.
There are plans to review the iconic products of the brand and put them back into production. But also, why not submit the specifications presented by Verner Panton in his time and see what designers might be able to do with it today? We are also considering limited editions. We are in full swing and I am holding all the rounds" (...)

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