Nursery room ? Where to start ?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

 I am surrounded my wannabe mummies, new mummies, pregnant mummies....  
The Year of the Dragon will be a prolific one ! Dragon baby boom on the way !
This post is for my gorgeous pregnant readers, my new mummies readers, all their loving entourage and my loved ones! 
What about the nursery rooms ??
Before getting into a panic ! Where exactly do you start? How should you design the room? What do you need to buy? How much do you have to spend to build a safe, practical and beautiful nursery? 

1.) Before you go shopping in a confused daze, find out where to start, and what you need.
2.) Think of a design scheme, or buy the furniture first? It could be a chicken or the egg question, because some people say to buy a crib and design the nursery around it, or design a nursery and look for furniture to match it. 
3.)However, it is probably easier to design the theme of the nursery first. That way you can actually picture what the room will look like. Also, decorating the room and painting the walls is a lot easier without stepping around the furniture!
4.) Most important items: the crib, change table, chests/ dressers, a rocking/gliding chair. 5.) Then come the accessories: bedding sets, lamp, musical mobile, baby monitor, diapers stackers.....
6.) Then let your creativity takes place ! Most important is: Have fun ! :)

Below are my best inspiration found on the web. Hope you like it and that you too will get inspired from some of them !

Cute wall stickers

Love the elegant baby blue wallpaper.

Love the trendy look and the tiger to keep the baby safe.

Blue nursery by Four Walls and a Roof contemporary kids

Love the different blue walls.

Love the Lilac color, the perfect view, the tree and birdies on the wall.

Violets Nursery contemporary kids

Trees again ! They just look so pretty in children's room. Bucolic style ! 

Love the apple green color, the fur rug and the portrait pictures of the room's owner !

Same ! baby portraits are great. 

I love the zoo feeling of this room. Every kid should have a girafe ! :)

Pom Poms  in wool are such a great idea. Something to look at instead of a plain ceiling!

Love the color of the wall and the classic feel.

What a great idea to put an adult bed in a nursery.  Great place to breastfeed, have a chat with your visitors and chill out while keeping an eye on your little one ! 

Love the grey and salmon colors combination.

Very contemporan feel and the least nursery look I have found ! Love that blue rug !

Urban safari 

Love the colorful paper lampshades.

Love the colors.

I am totally found of the bohemian style and the guirlande.

Via Pinterest / Apartment Therapy

Which ones do you prefer ? 


  1. Can't wait for you to design my home!!!!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment ! :) I can´t wait too ! Here we go Hampstead ?? ;) Good luck on the search ! xx


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