Craving Hollywood Regency Style ?

Monday, 13 February 2012

Like many of us, I am a big fan of  the Hollywood Regency style and it has been back again in fashion big time or never left ? What do you think ?

Originated in the golden age of Hollywood. Designers Dorothy Draper, Billy Baldwin, William Haines  initiated the style. Today's successful designers like Kelly WearstlerJonathan Adler Barclay Butera, followed the trend and have been using it plenty in their designs for years.
Think  lavish Art Deco inspired film sets created for movies during the 1930’s era. The sets were created with highly theatrical accents that often featured  tall white plaster floor lamps, mirrored dressing tables and fainting couches upholstered in visually rich satin or velvet. While it is not apparent in classic black and white films, set interiors were often brightly colored. All of the design elements filmed beautifully and provided a brief respite to an audience facing the bleak depression that gripped most of the nation. See recent post about famous american film decoration.

How do you achieve the style ?  
- It is about combining English, French Regency and Greek Revival design styles also known as Neo Classicism. 
- Lots of colors ! Think pretty pinks, sunburst yellows and oranges, Chinese red, Kelly and apple green, and of course turquoise. This is tempered by liberal doses of black and white. The sheen of the wall color is generally a shiny lacquer.
- Glimmer and glitz arrive in the form of a crystal chandelier, mirrored chest,  golden lamps and coffee table, a Chinoiserie furniture and wallpaper.

Get the look ! A few picks to get online !


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