Dubai: Bambah & The Zoo Concept Store

Sunday, 29 January 2012

 There is more than huge shopping malls in Dubai... My sister proved it to me yesterday by taking me to Bambah & The Zoo Concept,  located under one roof in a villa, directly opposite the Dubai Zoo on Jumeirah Beach Road. Founded by siblings Maha and Hussein, this store offers us under one roof , vintage clothing and accessories like Yves St Laurent, Lanvin.. in Bambah and Design objects and trendy clothing in the Zoo Concept Store. 
The decoration is wonderful, all the vintage is brough from Maha's  grandmother's house from Egypt.. and a very minimalist and arty look at the Zoo Concept. I love those walls which used old news papers.  A must go in Dubai if you are tired of the malls.



Our colourful and happy bracelets bought from the Zoo Concept

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