The wounded star

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Yesterday, 4:30pm walking by the beach in Barcelona.
This metallic cubic installation was made by the artist Rebecca Horn and it is a distinctive feature of La Barceloneta beach next to the quarter by the same name.
These blocks, tower thing and leaning cubes on the beach, which seem to have become a bit of a landmark, are actually an art work called L'Estel Ferit (the wounded star or the injured comet) and was commissioned for the 1992 Olympics.The Wounded Star pays homage to the Barceloneta borough, originally the sailors' quarters. This rusty titled tower conjures up images of an old lighthouse which is no longer in use or needed. The sculpture consists of four steel cubes stacked one above the other. The material used is iron, glass and light on a big concrete base. Inside the bottom cube are sea related things that are lit up at night.

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