The sauciest hotel is... ?

Monday, 14 November 2011

In Brighton ?? Since 2000, The Hotel Pelirocco has been a The hotel for the mods and rockers, the punks and princesses, DJ’s and rockstars, actors and comedians with everyone like us in between !
In the freezing cold Winter of 2009, The Hotel Pelirocco, the real rock ‘n’ roll hotel hosted a secret Singstar lounge for Playstation 3! How cool is that!
“Pelirocco” is loosely Spanish for “red head” ! ;)   “Pelirojo” is how the word is spelt in Spanish but it is pronounced “Pelirocco”.  One of the owners Mick, aka “Ginger Mick” originally used the name for his music producing and Djing before entering the hotel business.
When I will go to Brighton next, i know where I will be staying with my hubby....  The “dirty weekend” suite !! ;)
Dedicated to all things decadent and indulgent, think burlesque, kitsch and sexy boudoir all rolled into one.  There is an 8ft circular bed, complete with overhead mirror, pole dancing facilities, a sumptuous stylish lounge area and a huge bath tub for two or more… 

Hotel Pelirocco

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