A few days ago, a floral egg has been discovered in Paris ....

Monday, 7 November 2011

A sculpture by Andrea Salvetti, “Mazzolin di fiori”, in front of the Theatre de l’Odeon, Paris. It is huge and amazing. Great idea for a garden...
Art should be exhibited on the street and found randomly.  I strongly believe that the message is stronger when it is not expected.

Andrea Salvetti (born in Lucca, Italy, 1967), first attended the local art-based high school and then pursued studies in architecture, terminating those studies at age 20 to open his first craft workshop. Strongly influenced by the early rough and hand-made iron works of Ron Arad, a fellow ‘maker’, more ‘blacksmith’ than ‘sculptor’, and by the ‘artisan’ approach to design adapted by conceptual artist/designers such as Gaetano Pesce, Salvetti’s own developing lyrical approach to design, executed primarily in metal and wood, evolved further when he met the brilliant craftsman Guido Cristofani. 
Setting up a studio in the former convent where Cristofani (whom Salvetti describes as a restorer by occupation, but also a poet) lives and works, Salvetti studied and learned, extensively experimenting with all types of wood, glues, paints, and handlabor craft techniques. Beginning in 1996, 
Salvetti applied his figurative approach, encompassing animals, creatures and most forms found in nature, to a particularly difficult technique of working in aluminum - lost-wax casting - which soon became his hallmark.

andrea salvetti website

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