Ball Point Pen Painting

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Exploring the notions of landscape in the broadest sense of the term, brooklyn-based artist shane mcadams creates abstract paintings from ink extracted from ball-point pens. the body of work  focuses on the often dueling relationships between natural and synthetic forms, illustrating through process the phenomenon of elemental forces incrementally sculpting a land over time. 

Displaying a soft and colourful array of tones, the pieces push the boundaries of ballpoint pen ink  through a series of non-traditional applications: once extracted, the liquid is heated and mixed  with solvents before it is applied to the surface. Mcadams does not 'draw' in the conventional sense  but rather lets gravity, wind, and other physical forces direct the movement of the ink. 
Resembling a chromatography test, subtle gradients and unexpected streaks emerge to create  a ghostly multi-toned image. By allowing the painting to, in essence, come to being by itself,  it forces the viewers to question what is organic and what is artificial. We 


The Fair And Open Face Of Heaven
Allegra LaViola Gallery - NYC
January 6 - February 4, 2012

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