Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder Application

Most cases of breast cancer are detected by women who notice changes and report to their doctor
If breast cancer is found early, you have a much higher chance of beating it. This app is a regular reminder and a little bit of encouragement from a hot guy of your choice to check your breasts. Sign me up! 

The app includes:

-Man Reminder: Every girl has a type. Who will you choose to remind you?
-The superstar athlete
-The boy next door
-The smooth heart breaker
-The perfectly put together preppie
-The rugged blue-collar guy
-Or the successful businessman?

-TLC: That’s Touch. Look. Check. Learn how to check your breasts using TLC.

-Signs & Symptoms: Learn what to look for when checking your breasts.

-Notes & Observations: Keep notes on anything unusual you discover while checking your breasts and have it handy when you see your doctor.

-Doctor’s Appointment Reminder: Set your next doctor’s appointment and when the time comes, Your Man will be there to remind you.

With Your Man Reminder, it’s never been easier to give your breasts the TLC they deserve.


  1. Breast cancer occurs when changes called mutations to occur in genes that regulate cell growth. Breast cancer can be treated if it is diagnosed in time. So I will advise all women to use this app which can help in the timely diagnosis of cancer. Dissertation Proposal Writing Service


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