Un Café Gourmand, s'il vous plait Garçon !

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Spending a few days in South West of France..  I had lunch with my mother at one of my favorite Brasseries, Le Café Français on the place Pey Berland. 

But what I really enjoyed when I go back to France is: Le Café Gourmand !

A café gourmand is the heavenly alliance of coffee and sweets. A cup of espresso surrounded by sweet bite-sized versions of several desserts. Its origins is said to be parisian, it started out with a chocolate or two, a macaroon and maybe a small cookie. But as more and more restaurants began putting it on their menus, café gourmand has grown… Well, more and more gourmand. Nowadays you might be treated to a mini crème brulee, a chunk of chocolate éclair, a mini raspberry tart, and a shotglass of mousse. For the indecisive  like me: no need to make a choice! 
For those with a sweet tooth, it’s heaven: so many flavors on one plate! Very Chic and esthetic: a mix of colors, shapes and sizes. For those watching their diet ( or pretending too) , it is still virtuous: the portions are small and quiet inoffensive. ;)
 The perfect way to cap off lunch on a terrace, and carry on with your day ! Bon Appétit !

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