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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

40 Bday Party in Ibiza at Sunset - September 2011

I can´t hide it, the real reason behind our Ibiza trip was to celebrate my hubby's 40th Bday...  It was a perfect escuse for him to say goodbye to the 30ies and have a blast !!! 
Me? I am NOT YET 40.... :) But I am getting close.. :( and  very supportive of those who are !

I  read somewhere that at 40 we are not old enough to accept the fact that we are old yet. ;)
According to some psychological research, you'll face two events that will change your life forever. The first crisis is adolescence and the second is, you guessed it, turning 40.

Turning 40 is one of the key psychological milestones in a person’s life when they evaluate who they are and where they want to be going.

"For a guy, it starts when he powers his way down the basketball court, faking out the other team with a series of slick moves, leaps gracefully into the air with cat-like precision, stuffs the ball through the hoop, and lands like a drunk falling down a flight of stairs. Next morning he is so stiff that he starts regretting it..  For a woman, it comes when she looks into the mirror and sees her youthful glow turning into a coat of varnish."

It is said, that at age 35 the human body starts to decay ( my age). At 40,  we start to noticing it... At 50 we admit it!

Best advices I have seen so far when turning 40 for a man : 
1.  Pay attention to your heath
2.  Take a new approach to sports
3.  Have realistic goals
4.  Be proud of your career achievements
5.  Spend time with your family

Let's keep on smiling ! If you make it to 40, you are doing better than Cleopatra, Mozart, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Janis Joplin, JFK jr, Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Hendriks or Princess Diana. Even Jesus on earth never hit the big four . ;) 

Happy Birthday Baby !! I ♥ you !

Great article about turning 40 !

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